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Bloom Report: Cornelian Cherry Dogwood and Star Magnolia Spring to Life

It’s about time! Spring is finally gracing us with warm, wonderful weather, and we can’t wait to see you along our riverfront for the first truly spring-like weekend of the season! Whether you’re planning to picnic on your favorite pier, enjoy an esplanade stroll or get active along our bikeway, courts or fields, we know you’ll want some spring blooms to go with these spring breezes.

Bright yellow dogwood trees sit in Clinton Cove in Hudson River Park

With fluffy yellow flowers bursting from short stalks, cornelian cherry dogwood (Cornus mas) blossoms are adding pops of color to the northernmost sections of our Park. You will find this showy species of dogwood blooming along our esplanade in Hell’s Kitchen, where its whimsical flowers strikingly contrast the towering USS Intrepid, and along the peaceful lawns of Clinton Cove. Later this spring, rich green leaves will replace this tree’s bright blossoms.

In Chelsea, our trees are beginning to show spring color as well. By the Stone Field on Pier 63, our Weeping Willows are among the first deciduous trees in the Park to display greenery. And in Chelsea Waterside Park, we’ve just spotted spectacular star magnolia (Magnolia stellata) busting into bloom. The Star Magnolia’s lovely, open-faced white blossoms and attractive gray bark are a delight for the eyes—and this flower’s scent is just as lovely.

This is just the very start of blooming season in Hudson River Park, so stay tuned and keep your eyes on our trees and gardens. Returning warmth; bright, beautiful flowers; and fresh, spring riverfront air… check, check and check! We’ll see you in the Park.

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