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Bloom Report Double Feature: Hibiscus and Black-Eyed Susan

August flowers are bursting into bloom all along our riverfront, greeting late summer days with bright arrays of color. In Chelsea, you’ll find hibiscus in peak bloom in our Habitat Garden and in the entry gardens by Piers 62 and 63. Also in our Habitat Garden, as well as along our Tribeca Boardwalk, black-eyed Susans are making their bold appearance in gold and brown hues.

A large pink hibiscus flower with a dark pink center in the habitat garden

With bright, saucer-shaped flowers, hibiscus evoke tropical, beachy climes—in fact, they’re the state flower of Hawaii. And while they bloom in our Park’s most tropical weather, the hibiscus we grow are hardy varieties, with root systems capable of withstanding icy New York City winters. From the lovely light blue variety blooming alongside Chelsea Piers to the red, pink and purple dinner-plate sized blossoms greeting Park fans along our Habitat Garden, it’s not hard to see why these flowers are summertime favorites.

A purple and red hibiscus or Rose of Sharon

Bringing golden bursts of late-summer color to our flower beds, the black-eyed Susans blooming in Chelsea and along our Tribeca Boardwalk are particularly lush this time of year, and will continue their bloom into the fall. Originally beloved as wildflowers, black-eyed Susans are members of the sunflower family and display their iconic familial color palate, with daisy-like yellow-gold petals that meet in a deep brown eye.

Yellow black eyed susans look at the blue sky in Hudson River Park

Both hibiscus and black-eyed Susans are bold, blooming reminders that summer is still in full swing along our riverfront! Also in full swing: our summer Photo-Synthesis contest! Snap a pic of our photogenic waterfront blooms (or any of your other favorite summer Park views) and tag #HudsonRiverPark on Instagram through 8/11 for a chance to see your photo featured here on our website!