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So far in 2017, we’ve spotted crocuses and daffodils peeking out of snowy flowerbeds and watched our witch hazel brave a blizzard. But now that April is well underway, warmer weather has us eager for leafy greens, longer days and of course…flowering gardens!

tulips along bikeway

Springing up all throughout Hudson River Park, our tulips offer the colorful promise that the blooming season is here to stay. This year, we planted “Orange Emperor” tulips from Clinton Cove down to Chambers Street, emphasizing for greenway bikers, esplanade runners and all who move through our parklands that even though our piers and paths span many neighborhoods, we are one Park.

Admired for bold orange petals, these tulips bloom harmoniously with our daffodils, and their warm hues beautifully complement one another. Observant Park fans may also notice tulips in other shades peeking up in our Park’s many flowerbeds—these hearty plants that have returned from prior spring growth!

Hudson River Park’s tulips are always a favorite among visitors, and they hold a special draw for some of our most dedicated supporters: the hundreds of volunteers that plant thousands of bulbs throughout our gardens in the fall. We love seeing our volunteers return to catch the flowers of their efforts, and for us, these blooms become a living example of the year-round community dedication that keeps our parklands thriving!

Claws up for Crab Week

Crab Week is a weeklong crustacean celebration from July 14-20.

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