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Expanded Community Compost Program Celebrates Success

Hudson River Park’s Community Compost Program kicked off in June of 2017, and has already demonstrated impressive success! With the generous support of NYC Department of Sanitation and Council Member Corey Johnson, the Park has been able to broaden our composting efforts—inviting locals to bring their food scraps to one of seven drop off sites along our four-mile footprint, seven days a week.

Since launching this expanded initiative less than a year ago, we’ve diverted over 350,000 pounds of organic waste from landfills, including 50,000 pounds of waste from community food scraps. Not only have these efforts produced compost that strengthens the Park’s plant beds, diverting waste from landfills has reduced our community’s carbon footprint.

You can participate in building a greener neighborhood by dropping off your food scraps any day of the week! These brown bins are located at Pier 25, Pier 40, Pier 51, 14th Street Park, Chelsea Waterside Park, the Compost Center at 32 Street and Pier 84.

Want to learn more about how to support sustainability in your community and get involved in composting? On Wednesday, May 23 our 2nd Annual Community Compost Workshop offers a free opportunity for all who are interested to learn about the process and benefits of composting and how to get started at home. Meet and talk with representatives from Corey Johnson’s office, NYC Department of Sanitation, Hudson River Park Friends and the Park’s Horticulture and Education team!

Hudson River Park Community Compost Workshop
Wednesday, May 23, 2018
Time: 6:00–7:30 PM
Location: Hudson River Park’s Pier 66 at Hudson River Community Sailing Boathouse (207 12 Ave.)

There are even more ways to get involved! Volunteer to be a Compost Ambassador or Compost Facilitator, and make a continued impact this summer. Contact [email protected] for more info.