Pier 25 Play Area

Cross at N Moore St

At Pier 25 In Tribeca


8am - dusk. Open all year. Water features are turned off in Winter.


Pier 25 Comfort Station

Subway & Bus Lines

A,C,E at Canal St.

1 at Frankllin St.

1,2,3 at Chambers St.



Pier 25 Playground - Currently Closed for Construction: 
Hudson River Park is improving the playgrounds at Piers 25 and 51. The safety surfaces at both playgrounds require restoration after years of heavy use and exposure to the elements. During the restoration process, contractors will also improve drainage, apply protective sealants and make other miscellaneous repairs needed for a combination of safety and maintenance reasons.  These improvements will ensure that the playgrounds remain a safe place for children to play. Both playgrounds are scheduled to re-open by Summer 2019. 

This 25,000 square feet of gated play space, which was named one of the “25 Best Playgrounds in New York City ” by Time Out New York Kids, is designed for ages 2 through 12. It features:

  • Sand box
  • Eight seasonal water features
  • Two full swing sets (Big Kids / Little Kids)
  • Climbing wall and boulders