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The Hudson River Park Friends Playground Committee is a group of devoted parents that promotes and supports everything Hudson River Park has to offer, especially as it relates to children, and opportunities to learn, play and grow.

By raising awareness and advocating for the Park, the Playground Committee provides families a way to deepen their engagement with Hudson River Park, from playgrounds and outdoor family activities, to signature events and dedicated fundraisers throughout the year.

Ways to Get Involved

A group of Park patrons at the committee luncheon

Your membership gift to the Park’s Playground Committee ensures that our children and families have fun, safe and meaningful experiences in Hudson River Park throughout the year and for generations to come.

The Playground Committee’s Annual Luncheon celebrates Hudson River Park and the dedicated philanthropists and volunteers who work to ensure the Park’s continued care, growth and success.

Kids and adults enjoy a ride on the carousel at Pier 62

Join us is promoting a carousel birthday party in Hudson River Park via Instagram. Your support will create a memorable birthday moment for your child and a child in need.

Pier 26 Play Area digital rendering

HRPK’s Pier 26 Science Play Area Capital Campaign has raised $3.5M to fund the construction of a marine science-focused play area.

A young girl enjoying bubbles at Pier 51's playground

Learn more about what the Playground Committee supports in Hudson River Park, including play areas, sports fields, family programs, environmental education and more.

Playground Committee events bring together Committee members and neighborhood friends to celebrate the Park and all who work to ensure the Park’s continued care, growth and success.