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Roughly 850 benches are situated throughout Hudson River Park, each offering a peaceful perch and unique viewpoint for enjoying the Park’s riverfront beauty.

Select benches are now being offered for dedication, allowing donors a unique spot amongst our four miles to call their very own — the perfect way to make a gift, celebrate an occasion, honor a birth or commemorate a loved one.

All funds raised through Bench Dedications directly benefit our Park’s maintenance, programming and operational needs, as we rely on private contributions to sustain and grow this invaluable waterfront green space.

To adopt a piece of your Park, please fill out this form. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact [email protected] or call 212-757-0981.

Spirit Song Teak Bench

Location: Pier 84
Availability: 6
20-Year Dedication: $100,000

The elegant craftsmanship of the unique Spirit Song teak bench evokes the waves of the majestic Hudson and natural waterfront winds.

Luscious potted trees provide shade for Park Visitors

Dynamic Circular Bench

Location: Pier 84
Availability: 3
20-Year Dedication: $100,000

Inherently shaded and cool, the Park’s substantial cast-stone benches on Pier 84 create the encasing wall for beautifully landscaped planters.

Tree Steward Bench

Location: Pier 46
Availability: 6
10-Year Dedication: $50,000

By artfully encircling a single tree, Pier 46’s circular benches not only provide ample seating, they grow in beauty as the tree they shelter matures.

Family Playground Bench

Location: Pier 25
Availability: 35
10-Year Dedication: $25,000

The wall-hugging wood slat benches of Pier 25’s acclaimed play area are the perfect gift for your child — a piece of New York City to call their very own.

Secluded Boardwalk Bench

Location: Pier Boardwalk
Availability: 24
5-Year Dedication: $25,000

These minimalist benches effortlessly become one with the unique winding boardwalk in the Tribeca section, each offering serenity and understated sophistication.

Two park visitors sit on a bench looking out to the hudson river

1939 World’s Fair Bench

Location: Throughout Hudson River Park
Availability: 300+
5-Year Dedication: $5,000

The classic, enduring design of the 1939 World’s Fair bench is iconic of New York City parks and can be chosen from any neighborhood throughout our Park.