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Horticulturists Hibernate in Winter? Think Again!

Winter may be the sleepiest season for Park plants, but our horticulturalists stay busy after the last bulbs are planted and cold-sensitive species find safe harbor in our nursery. From first frost to first bloom, our staff is hard at work keeping your Park safe and beautiful, and preparing for the colorful spring season to come.

Winterized Wonderland

Below the frozen ground, our seven irrigation systems need winterization. Our team uses a compressor to blow air into all below-ground pipes throughout the Park, preventing the pipes and other components from freezing damage.

Keeping Trim

Seasonal pruning not only makes our gardens and trees neater, it also boosts their health! Our team cuts back summer perennials that don’t have winter interest, while keeping ornamental grasses that liven our winter landscape for cutback in early spring.

Trees, both major and ornamental, get pruned as well. We remove dead limbs and low hanging branches—a properly pruned tree will live longer, and form a safer, more beautiful structure. Fallen leaves are cleared away, too, collected for composting in our Composting Center.

A Much-Needed “Winter Cleaning”

On windy, frigid days, Horticulture staff improves and upgrades areas such as our waste yards and indoor storage spaces. We also give our maintenance buildings a “winter cleaning” after a season of constant use, and sharpen hand-tools for spring.

white tulip
Preparing for the Greener Seasons

Winter gives our horticulturists time to plan and take stock. Staff surveys our trees, creates lists of plants the Park will need in spring and places nursery orders, “tagging” nursery trees while they’re still in the ground. We’re also hard at work in our Composting Center, creating a final product that will fortify our plant beds come spring.

To ensure the team can hit the ground running once the mercury rises, our horticulturists scope out areas that need restoration, planning our efforts and developing potential spring projects for volunteer days. We also hire the seasonal staff that will join us throughout the warmer seasons.

We hope you’re keeping bundled during this cold, snowy winter! Our staff will be here to make sure your paths stay clear and safe—all the while looking ahead to warmer days and thriving gardens!