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Spring may bring blooming color to the Park’s four miles, summer may arrive in a whirlwind of riverfront activity, and fall foliage may dazzle – but winter in HRPK has a charm all its own. From serene walks to striking vistas, our 550 acres abound with gems that shine especially bright during the colder months. Here are some highlights well worth bundling up to explore!

A picturesque stroll along Tribeca Boardwalk

tribeca boardwalk

Flanked by evergreens and winter-hardy grasses, a walk along HRPK’s Tribeca Boardwalk can be truly transporting. As the boardwalk’s lovingly maintained horticulture surrounds you, the Hudson River sparkles to the west and lower Manhattan looms above like part of the sky. On snowy days, this gently winding path is especially postcard worthy.

Serene scenes in Clinton Cove

Hudson River Park’s northernmost section is among the most peaceful stretches of the Park, and in winter, we find its tranquility especially compelling. Featuring sweeping green (or snow-covered) lawns, riverfront trees, Clinton Cove can grant the feeling of a winter getaway without the travel time.

Pier edges with peerless perspectives

No matter the season, the edges of HRPK’s piers offer a unique angle to take in NYC architecture and landmarks. South-facing views on the Park’s southern piers feature the towering beauty of lower Manhattan and glimpses of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, while east-facing lookouts all along the Park grant glimpses of Hudson Yards, the Empire State Building and the west side skyline that you won’t find anywhere else. In winter, when the leaves have fallen from view and city lights turn on early, these vistas are especially spectacular. For some of our favorites along the Park, try Piers 45, 62 and 84.

Explore art in HRPK

The sunset is seen through the serpentine structures

Did you know that you’ll find dynamic public art all along the Park’s riverfront? All of the Park’s art stands out against a winter landscape, but we especially recommend a visit to the artfully arranged boulders of Stonefield in Chelsea. A perfect place to cultivate mindful relaxation, this piece is at its most peaceful in winter. Also particularly striking during the colder months, the elegant lines of Mark Gibian’s Serpentine Structures catch the eye against snowy or subdued winter landscapes.

Come for the birds…

A red-tailed hawk sits on a thank you for visiting sign

Photo by Peter Hammack

Over the course of the year, more than 100 species of birds can be found in Hudson River Park. During the avian overwintering season, HRPK is a destination for bird species including buffleheads, common mergansers, ruddy ducks, common goldeneyes, canvasbacks, ring-billed gulls and brants. Keep your eyes out for these winter guests as you stroll through the Park! We’ve also noticed birds of prey along our riverfront in recent weeks, like the red-tailed hawk featured here granting Park guests a majestic welcome.

Stay for the lights at night

viewfinder pier 34 at night

Hudson River Park sparkles after dark as city lights shine and glitter on the River. For many of us, long winter nights may mean that the sun has set by the time we leave the office, but that also means an after-work (or post-dinner!) stroll in your west side backyard offers a daily opportunity to take in NYC at night, one of the world’s most dazzling light shows.

These are just a few of our favorite ways to make the most of the Park in winter – we encourage you to find your own! When you do, tag your photos #HRPK on social media for a chance to be featured on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook channels.