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Opened to the public in 2003

Named as one of New York City’s five best playgrounds by CBS NEWS, this playground features climbing equipment and slides, water and sand play, a pretend boat hull and ample seating, all traversed by a “stream” containing bronze inlays of aquatic life. The Pier 51 play area is open all year but water features are turned off seasonally.

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“Especially in warm weather, when the park’s elaborate sprinkler system provides kids with a thorough soaking (as well as a canal to paddle in), this riverside playground is a paradise.” – Time-Out New York

Nod to History

Children can learn about the principles of flowing water through imaginative play.

Educational features at this playspace include a replica of Minetta Brook. Once a part of Manhattan’s wetland ecosystem, the real Minetta Brook still runs underground. The sand play area and fences also recall Manhattan’s ecological history.

While not immediately obvious, the jungle gym pays homage to the “White Fort” once located on nearby Gansevoort Peninsula (“Gansevoort” means “white fort” in Dutch). Also known as Fort Gansevoort, this was an important part of New York City’s military campaign during the War of 1812. It was demolished in the mid 1850s to make way for new market uses, including the multi-acre West Washington Market.

Claws up for Crab Week

Crab Week is a weeklong crustacean celebration from July 14-20.

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