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Soon there will be another imagination-sparking playground in HRPK. A one-of-a-kind science-themed play area is planned for HRPK’s Pier 26 — and we need your help to make it happen. Learn more about these exciting plans and support the Pier 26 Science Play Area Capital Campaign.


Each of Hudson River Park’s three playgrounds has been custom-designed by celebrated landscape architects to provide uniquely inspiring play opportunities for children. During warm weather seasons, each also provides welcoming water features to delight and cool kids who like to get wet. Bring your beach buckets!

Beloved by families, Hudson River Park’s Pier 51 playground offers imaginative play with a nautical theme. Children especially love the expansive water and sand play areas.

Named as one of New York City’s five best playgrounds by CBS NEWS, this playground features climbing equipment and slides, water and sand play, a pretend boat hull and ample seating, all traversed by a “stream” containing bronze inlays of aquatic life. The Pier 51 play area is open all year but water features are turned off seasonally.

“Especially in warm weather, when the park’s elaborate sprinkler system provides kids with a thorough soaking (as well as a canal to paddle in), this riverside playground is a paradise.” – Time Out New York