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Currently under construction

An exciting expansion of the Clinton Cove Park area is now in design. Pier 97 will include a playground with water spray features, an activity field and a gently sloping lawn. An all-ages slide will deliver the young and young at heart from the elevated belvedere to the sunset deck below.

Pier 97 will provide flexible gathering areas, surrounded by flowers and plants, for organized or impromptu events. The pier is also being planned to host a historic vessel on its south side. At the pier entrance, a new building will contain a small concession and public restrooms.

As with other Park locations, the design for Pier 97 was informed by a community process. Visit our Pier 97 Design Process page to see the design presentations and to learn more about the upcoming plans for Hudson River Park’s northernmost pier.



Our Park’s northernmost pier was built between 1921 and 1934, and then served for decades as the hub for the Swedish America Line. Movie buffs might recognize the façade of the old Pier 97 terminal building from the opening sequence of Taxi Driver. Learn more about the history of Pier 97.