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Discover the latest from Hudson River Park! Find fun tips for your next visit, read up on upcoming events and dig deeper into exciting Park initiatives.

Whether you’re interested in our environmental research, educational offerings, sustainability initiatives, cultural programming, volunteer opportunities or vibrant year-round horticulture and wildlife, you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy getting to know your west side backyard!

We are continually seeking ways to be better stewards for our 550 acres—from our waters to our gardens to our trees—ensuring your Park remains green in more ways than one.

Spring is finally gracing us with warm, wonderful weather and new blooms, and we can’t wait to see you along our riverfront to kick off the season.

Hudson River Park restored the infrastructure on this historic pier, reconstructing it for a bright future as a scenic, festive venue.

Red maples are one of the first trees to blossom in the Park, and spring is beginning to offer up its first flowers in our gardens too!

Spring may have arrived with a fresh blanket of snow, but Hudson River Park is gearing up for the green seasons ahead, and we’re calling on Park lovers like you to join us!

Our winter Photo-Synthesis entries featured well-bundled Park adventurers and snowy pier-scapes; these stunning winter views make us want to savor the final days of our Park’s quietest season.

Have you noticed the large cover stretching across our Chelsea Lawn Bowl? We're working to ensure your Park enjoys a thriving, green season.