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Discover the latest from Hudson River Park! Find fun tips for your next visit, read up on upcoming events and dig deeper into exciting Park initiatives.

Whether you’re interested in our environmental research, educational offerings, sustainability initiatives, cultural programming, volunteer opportunities or vibrant year-round horticulture and wildlife, you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy getting to know your west side backyard!

Green lawns in abundance for sunbathers at Pier 63

Have you noticed the large cover stretching across our Chelsea Lawn Bowl? We're working to ensure your Park enjoys a thriving, green season.

Winter jasmine with its vibrant yellow hues

Bright winter jasmine, found in HRPK's Apple Garden, are among our first blooms of the season—a herald of colorful days to come.

The fence along the bikeway in Hudson River Park

Our beautification and improvement efforts in Chelsea are about to bring even more beauty to this well-loved section of the Park!

Slushing through the snow covered esplanade

This winter, we’ve rounded up some ways to brave the chill, get active and channel your athletic energy—right on our waterfront!

Snowy walk in Hudson River Park

Winter may be our Park’s quietest season, but this time of year brings its own striking beauty to our riverfront.

HRPK educators look at the plankton that was pulled from the river

Right now our waters are experiencing a huge midwinter phytoplankton bloom—reassurance that the springtime blooms of our land-based plants are on their way.

Visitors trudge through the snowy park

Winter may be the sleepiest season for Park plants, but our horticulturists are still hard at work keeping your Park safe and beautiful.