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Upcoming Procurement Opportunities

Includes Discretionary Opportunities

Hudson River Park is growing — and we utilize a competitive public bidding process for the procurement of goods and services throughout the Park.

The Trust promotes equal opportunity in the procurement process and encourages small businesses and businesses owned by women, minorities and service-disabled veterans to participate in or directly submit bids and/or proposals for our projects. Learn more about the Trust’s M/WBE and SDVOB programs.

Below is a list of upcoming procurement opportunities and additional information about doing business with Hudson River Park.

Please visit our bids and business opportunities page frequently for updated contracting opportunities. You may also view an archive of recent, ongoing and completed projects.


Project NameType of Construction Work NeededType of Construction / Consultant(s) NeededProject LocationProject BudgetProject RFP Timeframe
Parkwide Plumbing On-CallPlumbingPlumbing contractorHudson River Park$200,000FY 24–25 Q2
Pier 97 Esplanade ConstructionPark constructionLandscape constructionHudson River Park$2,500,000FY 24–25 Q4


Project NameType of Commodities NeededType of Consultant(s) NeededProject LocationProject BudgetProject Timeframe
Supplies / PartsMaintenance / auto / horticulture / plumbing / electrical / janitorialN/AHudson River Park$100,000Ongoing
Janitorial SuppliesToilet paper / hand towels / hand soap / garbage bags with logoN/AHudson River Park$30,000Ongoing
FurnishingsFurnishingsN/AHudson River Park$25,000FY 24–25

Other Services

Project NameType of Other Services NeededType of Consultant(s) NeededProject LocationProject BudgetProject Timeframe
Line Striping ServicesLine striping servicesN/AHudson River Park$30,000FY 24–25
Geese Chasing ServiceGeese chasing serviceN/AHudson River Park$30,000FY 24–25
ArboristArboristCertifiedHudson River Park$80,000FY 24–25
Parkwide Pressure Washing Cleaning ServicesParkwide pressure washing cleaning servicesN/AHudson River ParkTBDFY 24–25
Decal BrandingDecal BrandingN/AHudson River Park$30,000FY 24–25

Discretionary Opportunities

Project NameType of Service / Commodity NeededType of Consultant(s) NeededProject LocationProject BudgetProject Timeframe
Auto SuppliesCommodity – Auto SuppliesN/AHudson River Park$25,000FY 24–25
Computer ConsultantService – Computer ConsultantN/AHudson River Park$50,000FY 24–25
LandscapingService – LandscapingLicensedHudson River Park$25,000FY 24–25
Lease Equipment / RentalService – Lease Equipment / RentalN/AHudson River Park$25,000FY 24–25
Office SupplyCommodity – Office SupplyN/AHudson River Park$25,000FY 24–25
On-Call FencingService – On-Call FencingN/AHudson River ParkTBDFY 24–25
Other Outside ServicesService – Other Outside ServicesN/AHudson River Park$50,000FY 24–25
Plant MaterialsCommodity – Plant MaterialsN/AHudson River Park$25,000FY 24–25
Printing & ReproductionService – Printing & ReproductionN/AHudson River Park$50,000FY 24–25
Repair & MaintenanceService – Repair & MaintenanceN/AHudson River Park$130,000FY 24–25
Security EquipmentCommodity – Security EquipmentN/AHudson River Park$1,000FY 24–25
SignageCommodity – Work safety / security / traffic / roadN/AHudson River Park$50,000FY 24–25
Signs & BannersCommodity – Signs & BannersN/AHudson River Park$50,000FY 24–25
SuppliesCommodity – SuppliesN/AHudson River Park$50,000FY 24–25
ToolsCommodity – ToolsN/AHudson River Park$7,500FY 24–25
Tools RepairService – Tools RepairN/AHudson River Park$2,000FY 24–25
Traffic Control EquipmentCommodity – Traffic Control EquipmentN/AHudson River Park$5,000FY 24–25
UniformsCommodity – UniformsN/AHudson River Park$75,000FY 24–25
Pest EliminationService – Pest EliminationLicensedHudson River Park$85,000FY 26–27