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Sunset on the Hudson

Highlights from our 2020 season!

Bring the sounds of Hudson River Park’s summer music series to your living room with our live-streamed performances this year featuring incredible local artists. Both of our live music performance series were brought to our audience through a new medium this year. Did you miss the live shows this season? Watch our 2020 Line-Up, at your convenience, on-demand!

Our live virtual line-up featured performers both new and returning. Summer favorites Manhattan Samba and High & Mighty Brass Band are back to bring high energy music to life, Koku Gonza and Resistance Revival Chorus returned to perform stunning vocally driven music. New artists featured a sampling of styles from across the spectrum and we capped off the season with internationally renowned twin DJ’s Coco & Breezy!

Learn more about the performers and watch performances from our 2020 season:

2021 Line-up will be announced early next year. 

We wish these performances had taken place on HRPK’s Pier 45, but we are happy to share with you as much music as we can in the meantime. If you want to experience our musicians outside, we have put together playlists featuring artists who have brought their melodious tunes to HRPK before.

Download one of these playlists here, grab a blanket and take your headphones to the Park–while keeping your distance, of course.

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