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Stonefield Landscape Sculpture

The inviting and secluded Stonefield Native Garden is set amongst graceful weeping willows just south of Pier 64.

A public art sculpture, Stonefield is surrounded by native perennial beds that include goatsbeard, Joe-Pye weed and blazing star. This hidden spot gives city residents a place of respite with both skyline and river views.

Stonefield at Pier 63

The Story of Stonefield

Meg Webster, an American artist, often recognized for her artwork featuring natural elements and affiliation with Post-Minimalism and Land Art Movements. In 2010, Ms. Webster was invited to create a site-specific landscape sculpture within the Park. The artist handpicked each large stone element within Stonefield from quarries in New York State and the northeast corner of Pennsylvania. Each of the 38 stones is therefore special and has been arranged to showcase its unique characteristics, unusual sculptural qualities and individual “being-ness”.

Children and adults flock to this intimate garden to climb on the stones, including a large flat stone that serves as an impromptu stage. Often, musicians find this the perfect place to play the violin, guitar or even bagpipes to the delight of those passing by.

Stonefield Garden People Sitting


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