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Japanese Zelcova

Zelcova serratta

The second most planted tree in Hudson River Park, Japanese zelkova, was similarly chosen for its tolerance of the harsh environmental conditions that are found along the Hudson River. It is also a great tree for shade, which is why we lined many of the Park’s lounging and sitting areas with Zelkova trees.

Origin: Asia
Lifespan: 60 years
Height: Up to 100 feet

What makes Japanese zelkovas unique:

  • Japanese zelkovas are resistant to Dutch elm disease and have often been used as a substitute for the American elm.
  • Japanese zelkovas are tolerant of heat, drought, nutrient poor soils and pollution.
  • Older zelkova tree bark peels off to expose a distinct orange inner bark.
  • In addition to its reputation as a shade tree, Japanese zelkovas are a popular bonsai tree.

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