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Maidenhair Tree

Ginkgo biloba

HRPK’s Maidenhair (Ginkgo) trees are located in Greenwich Village and at Pier 84. They are among the most easily identifiable trees in the Park because of their distinctive, fan-shaped leaves. They have a deep root system that makes them perfect for withstanding the strong winds that blow across the Hudson River.

Origin: China
Lifespan: Up to 1000 years
Height: 65 – 115 Feet

What makes gingko trees unique:

  • Ginkgo biloba is the only living species left in the division Ginkgophyta. All other species in this division have gone extinct.
  • Fossils of the Ginkgo tree date back 270 million years.
  • Ginkgo trees are dioecious, meaning that each ginkgo tree is either male or female.
  • The Ginkgo is the official tree of Tokyo and the leaf is the symbol of the city.
  • The Ginkgo has many uses in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

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