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White Fringetree

Chionanthus virginicus

White fringetrees can be found in several areas of the Park, from the southern end of Tribeca to the most northern part of HRPK in Clinton Cove. This small but graceful tree is often found in small groupings of two or three, and blooms with beautiful white flowers in May or early June.

Origin: Southern New Jersey to Florida
Lifespan: Up to 25 years
Height: 12 to 20 Feet

What makes white fringe trees unique:

  • The white fringetree is easy to grow and can tolerate a variety of conditions but has been specifically identified as a tree that tolerates city air pollution.
  • Although native to the Southeastern U.S., it can tolerate the colder climates of northern states and Southern Canada.
  • The berries on the plant are used by many different types of wildlife.
  • The dried roots and bark were used by Native Americans to treat skin inflammations

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