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These programs invite you to explore current research alongside local STEM experts. Each month, scientists dive into a fascinating science topic including fish ecology, marine plastics, and diversity & inclusion in STEM. Tune in to participate in topical conversations buzzing in the science world today and to ask the scientists your burning questions! Check out encores from this program here!

July 22, 2020 – Ichthyology, Angling and Community Science with Dr. Peter Park

For our first Ask a Scientist program we were joined by Dr. Peter Park, an evolutionary ichthyologist of Farmingdale State College. During his inspirational talk, Dr. Park discussed his family history with fish markets and angling, his doctoral research focused on three-spined sticklebacks and his current education-based work. 

Learn more about Dr. Park below and watch his inspirational talk.

About Dr. Park: 

Dr. Peter J. Park of Farmingdale State College (formerly of Nyack College) is an ichthyologist who was born and grew up in Queens, New York City. His expertise is in evolutionary ichthyology with current research interests in fish cognitive ecology, fish community science, aquaponics, phage biology, and teaching science through active learning. He is also an avid angler and overall fish enthusiast.

Research Papers:

Watch Dr. Park’s Talk