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Our Estuarine Sanctuary

Hudson River Park is situated within the Hudson River Estuary. The Hudson River spans 315 miles from its source in the Adirondack Mountains to its terminus in New York Harbor. Nearly half of the Hudson River’s waters, from New York City north to Troy, are considered a tidal estuary. An estuary is a valuable ecosystem where fresh and salt water mix, resulting in a dynamic nutrient-rich habitat with high biodiversity.

In 1998, New York State Legislation designated approximately 400 acres of in-water area within Hudson River Park’s boundaries as an Estuarine Sanctuary. The Sanctuary waters and the ecological abundance they support distinguish Hudson River Park and have informed virtually every aspect of Park planning and operations.

Hudson River Park is committed to its mission of promoting and supporting the Sanctuary, and to preserve and enhance the Park’s aquatic habitat and promote awareness and stewardship of the estuarine environment for the millions of New Yorkers who enjoy the Park, including its waters, each year. Staff is currently working with a Technical Advisory Committee of experts in the science, education, boating and planning communities to update its multi-faceted Estuarine Sanctuary Management Plan and will use that Plan to guide decision-making in the Sanctuary.

The pile field on the Hudson River is one of the places Hudson River Park grows oysters