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Estuarine Sanctuary Management Plan

The Estuarine Sanctuary Management Plan (“ESMP”) is a management document required by the Hudson River Park Act and intended to guide the Trust and its partners in decision-making regarding Hudson River Park’s water section. Together with its accompanying “Action Agenda,” the ESMP identifies needs and objectives in the areas of public access and recreation; environmental education; and research and habitat enhancement. The Trust worked in consultation with the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), its Technical Advisory Committee comprised of experts in the management areas included in the ESMP, and other governmental agencies, educational and environmental organizations to prepare the document.

Following a public hearing and comment period, the Estuarine Sanctuary Management Plan: Progress Report & Action Agenda 2021–2030 was adopted September 2021.

The ESMP is the result of multiple years of development, review and revision. Trust staff is grateful to the Board’s Sanctuary Committee, members of the Technical Advisory Committee, and staff at NYS DEC for their time, ideas and commitment to the Sanctuary. The ESMP has been strengthened immeasurably through their ongoing guidance, research and expertise. Through adoption of the ESMP along with continued engagement with these partners, scientists, educators and others, the Trust expects to advance such goals related to increased knowledge about the Hudson River, improved habitat for local wildlife, and building increase stewardship for our natural resources.


The pile field on the Hudson River is one of the places Hudson River Park grows oysters