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Bollywood & Bhangra

Dance in HRPK

Hudson River Park’s Bollywood & Bhangra series invites dancers of all levels to learn technique from the best. Originating in India, these dance forms highlight rhythm, expression and passion. Bhangra, particularly, is a high-energy folk dance with origins from Punjab in India and Pakistan, a dance now learned and loved by many.

Ajna Dance Company was founded to foster diversity and inclusion by making Indian dance and culture more accessible to all. HRPK is delighted to partner with Ajna Dance to bring dance to Park patrons in person this summer.

Every Tuesday, dance the night away under the shimmering NYC lights and sensational HRPK skies — all while learning a new move or two! As always, make sure you register early (registration is not required) and follow our social channels for announcements of special guests and more.

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Hudson River Park Friends
Dancing at Bollywood & Bhangra

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Tuesday, Aug 09
6:30 PM
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