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W 54 St. to W 59 St.

Nestled along your Park’s northernmost piers, our Clinton section is a riverfront gem. With sweeping lawns, a popular boathouse, and unique, artful features, this is an ideal destination to kick back and enjoy waterfront relaxation.

Pier 97, one of Hudson River Park’s newest redevelopments, will open in 2024 to provide flexible gathering spaces, play areas and sunset views.

Piers & Places

This quiet, grassy area offers a retreat from the busy city. Come here to kayak, toss a ball, picnic or watch the sunset.

Pier 95 may be small, but it’s got a big personality. It’s part of the Clinton Cove section of Hudson River Park.

Part of Hudson River Park’s mission is to create opportunities for people to get into the water. The Pier 96 Boathouse is one of four custom-built structures dedicated to this purpose.

Hudson River Park’s northernmost public Park pier is Pier 97, now under construction and soon to add more dramatic beauty and fun to the waterfront.