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Please note that the Pier 66 Boathouse is closed for the 2023 season and will reopen in 2024. Check back next year for updates.

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A defining feature of Hudson River Park is its four custom-built boathouses, which together host New York City’s widest variety and boating programs and activities: kayaking, outboard canoeing, stand-up paddleboard, sailing and even kayak polo. Each boathouse has a different operator and atmosphere, and each is worth visiting. Be sure to check each boathouse website for current hours.

There are many ways to set sail in Hudson River Park! Whether you’re interested in taking sailing lessons for the first time, or you’ve been sailing for years and can’t wait to hit the water — Hudson River Park is the spot to be. Visit Pier 66’s Boathouse where you can enjoy sailing lessons at any level, water polo with New York Kayak Polo, or take an outrigger paddling excursion where you will traverse the Hudson River’s spectacular waterway.