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Environmental Stewards

Do you love walking or running on the West Side? Enjoy the sunset from a pier? Relish kayaking or sailing in the Hudson River? Do you follow the changing seasons by what’s in bloom along the river? Hudson River Park is a unique blue and green oasis that connects New Yorkers to nature, unlike any other park in the city.

If you are looking for ways to become more involved in your community and give back to the Park, join the Environmental Stewards. Hudson River Park Friends’ Environmental Stewards is a group of devoted New Yorkers that aim to increase private contributions to Hudson River Park Friends, raise awareness around Hudson River Park as an important ecosystem, promote environmental initiatives within the Park and surrounding communities, and fund engaging environmental, sustainability, and estuary research programming for the broader Hudson River Park community.

Learn more about Hudson River Park's vibrant blue and green spaces and the environmental research, sustainability, education and community engagement initiatives that we support.

Get to know the leaders of the Environmental Stewardship Specialty Fundraising Group.

We aim to build a community of private donors whose passion is the stewardship of HRPK's green and blue spaces. Learn more about how to get involved and take our pledge.

By setting up your own fundraiser for Hudson River Park Friends, you can fundraise anytime, anywhere and take an active role in the stewardship of Hudson River Park's green and blue spaces.

Hudson River Park's environmental initiatives continue to grow and thrive. Learn more about recent successes.

Explore the Park Over Plastic Toolkit to learn more about how you and your organization can get involved.

Hudson River Park’s Community Compost Program invites the community to contribute to the sustainability of the Park and city. Learn more and check out the Program's real-time impact on our Compost Tracker.

Hudson River Park’s River Project conducts research and offers hands-on environmental education and scientific programming with the purpose of communicating the ecological importance of the Park’s 400-acre Estuarine Sanctuary.

Join neighbors for Saturday volunteer projects supporting the Park's green and blue spaces. At Green Team events, volunteers nurture green thumbs while improving public green space, and our Blue Team events invite volunteers to clean up marine debris from Park shorelines.