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Blue Spaces

Hudson River Park’s 400-acre Estuarine Sanctuary is the heart and soul of the Park. In fact, the Park would never have come into existence had the City and State of New York not committed to recognizing our 400 water acres as a natural resource of extraordinary importance. The Park’s sanctuary waters provide critical habitat to more than 85 species of fish, including seahorses, eels and striped bass, and is a vital migration corridor for birds and other wildlife. The work our team does to study, steward, raise awareness of and protect this incredible natural resource for future generations as well as the biodiverse array of species who call these waters home is core to the Park’s mission.

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Green Spaces

Hudson River Park spans four miles along the west side of Manhattan, from Chambers St. in Tribeca to W 59 St. in Hell’s Kitchen. There are roughly 2,500 trees in Hudson River Park, with gardens and green spaces providing important habitat to over 100 species of birds that fly through the Park every year, along with animals and countless insect species, including the endangered monarch butterfly.

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Habitat Enhancement Initiatives

Since 2021, Hudson River Park has installed more than 35 million juvenile oysters to Hudson River Park’s 400-acre Estuarine Sanctuary via underwater habitat enhancements in Tribeca and north of Gansevoort Peninsula. The new salt marsh at Gansevoort Peninsula also has added new habitat, e.

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BlueGreen Sustainability Initiatives

Hudson River Park’s BlueGreen sustainability initiatives help keep the Park green and reduce plastic waste released into the river environment, as well as generating compost used in the gardens, and supporting sustainability events for west side communities.

Environmental Education 

Hudson River Park’s River Project welcomes more than 35,000 science lovers of all ages each year to connect with marine and environmental science while discovering the wonders of the Hudson River.

Environmental Research 

Hudson River Park’s River Project conducts research and environmental monitoring to increase understanding of the Sanctuary’s ecological, biological, physical and chemical conditions and relationships. This research produces publicly accessible data sets and informs management decisions to protect and restore the River Sanctuary for generations to come.