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Become a Dog Park Ambassador

Dog park ambassadors are the key volunteers and outreach leaders of our Four-Legged Friends program. The only requirement: You are outgoing, enthusiastic and a dog-loving regular at your local HRPK Dog Park(s). Be a barktastic community influencer: Sign up to be a Dog Park Ambassador today!

About Four-Legged Friends & Dog Park Ambassadors

HRPK’s Four-Legged Friends program enables dogs, their dog people, and businesses to build a “pawsitive” community and ensure our dog-friendly Park stays clean, green, and growing (with tails wagging). Woof!

Dog park ambassadors are volunteers and outreach leaders of our Four-Legged Friends program. They are outgoing, enthusiastic and dog-loving regulars at their local HRPK Dog Parks.

Dog Park Ambassador Responsibilities

  • Be a Four-Legged Friends member
  • Recruit five or more new dog members per year by sharing information in your local dog park
  • Send one in-kind ask letter per year to your local pet store (HRPK Friends staff will provide a template letter)
  • Ask your vet to put a Four-Legged Friends QR code in their office
  • Attend at least two dog program events or meetups per year

Join us and Bark with us!

Reach out to learn more about becoming a Dog Park Ambassador! For more information, please contact Eliza Kinsolving at [email protected].

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