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Hudson River Park’s rules require that certain activities receive permits before they can occur. Permits require applications to be completed in advance. The process and amount of time needed to consider a permit request vary by the nature of the event and type of permit requested.

Hudson River Park considers many factors in its decisions to issue permits including protection of public safety, Park preservation and open access for all Park visitors.

Examples of activities requiring permits include, but are not limited to: organized gatherings of 20 or more people; athletic/fitness event; wedding ceremonies and wedding photography; commercial film, television, or still photography; promotional and/or special events. For information specific permits, please visit the links below.


Get a Field Permit

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Get a Commercial Event Permit

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Get a Special Events Permit

Two volleyball payers return the serve

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Get at Film or Photoshoot Permit

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Permits must be obtained prior to undertaking regulated activities as defined in the Park Rules and Regulations. Applications to conduct regulated activities or uses must be submitted at least twenty-one (21) days in advance of the planned event, activity or use.