Artfully nestled on Pier 62, Hudson River Park’s enchanting and exuberant Animal Carousel features 33 custom, hand-carved wooden animal figures native to the Hudson River Valley as well as one distinctive Oyster Chariot. The Park’s signature, one-of-a-kind attraction is the centerpiece of this exquisite open space, and a singular gem adorning the glorious Hudson.

Hudson River Park Friends is proud to offer the rare opportunity to adopt one or more of these extraordinary carousel creations, each a unique work of art. This special naming privilege ranges from $5,000—$100,000 based on length of dedication, and the location, size and rarity of each carousel creation.

Oyster Chariot | $100,000
20 year dedication

1 available only

Butterfly Unicorns | $50,000
10 year dedication

2 available

Tier A (outer) | $25,000 | 10 year dedication  Available adoptions: Coyote, Atlantic Sturgeon (2), Wild Turley, Horseshoe Crab & Eel, Black Bear
Tier B (middle) | $10,000 | 5 year dedication  Available adoptions: Horseshoe Crab & Eel, Raccoon, Crawfish, Harbor Seal
Tier C (inside) | $5,000 | 5 year dedication  Available adoptions: Cormorant

For more information and to adopt your Pier 62 Carousel Creation, please contact:, 212-757-0981 x730, or complete the form below: