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Canada Red Chokecherry

Prunus virginiana ‘Canada Red’

Chokeberry trees can only be found along the Park’s Tribeca boardwalk between Watts St. and Laight St. This tree’s purple foliage provides striking color to the Boardwalk’s native grassland landscaping throughout the growing season. In May, the tree is full of white flower blooms that have a pleasant scent as you pass by.

Origin: North America
Lifespan: 40 – 60 years
Height: 25 – 30 feet

What makes chokecherries unique:

  • The small fruit from the tree is used sometimes in jellies, jams and preserves.
  • Considered to be very tough, Chokeberry trees are tolerant of harsh conditions including wind, heat, cold and poor soil.
  • The foliage starts out green and turns to purple as the weather warms up.

Common Smoketree