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Pier 84 Dog Run Celebration

Thursday, September 8

All Hudson River Park Four-Legged Friends and our Pier 84 neighbors are invited to the opening of the improved Pier 84 Dog Run! Located in Hell’s Kitchen, the Pier 84 Dog Run features a large space where dogs will be able to frolic with their companions again. RSVP here, and stop by the Hudson River Park tent between 4:30 and 6:30 PM for some human and dog treats.

Please join us in thanking the New York City Council, where this area is now represented by Council Member Erik Bottcher, and former Manhattan Borough President (and now Council Member) Gale Brewer, for supporting Hudson River Park and helping to fund this renovation. The Pier 84 Dog Run will now feature:

  • A spray shower water feature, water fountain and pet bowl from mid–April through early November.
  • Better seating options for dog owners and an improved surface.
  • Salvaged stone pieces for dogs to climb and play.
  • Double–gated safety vestibule and fencing all around.

Your support of Hudson River Park Friends makes these improvements and all of Hudson River Park possible. Thank you for your investment in our Park. We hope to celebrate with you soon.

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Thursday, Sep 08
4:30 PM – 6:30 PM
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