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Activity Category: Public Art & Memorials

Day’s End

As one of the largest public art installations in New York City, Day’s End is publicly accessible and offers an extraordinary place to experience the waterfront. 

LGBT Memorial

Designed by artist Anthony Goicolea, this tribute recognizes those lost in the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting, as well as all victims of hate, intolerance and violence.


Senes is an abstract sculpture that consists of a formed, bent and welded stainless steel plate 3/16 inch thick.

AIDS Memorial

Dedicated on the 20th Anniversary of World AIDS Day, this permanent monument was built by the AIDS Monument Committee to commemorate those who we have lost from the disease.

Serpentine Structures

These structures are curved industrial trusses which take on evocative forms related to the estuarine environment of the neighboring river.

The Apple

Hudson River Park’s Apple Garden, located at Charles St. in the Village, is the home of The Apple (2004).

Holland-America Line Mural

Did you know that the current Pier 40 was built in the early 1960s as a passenger ship terminal for the Holland-America lines?

Stonefield Landscape Sculpture

Large stones were chosen from quarries in New York State and the northeast corner of Pennsylvania.

Long Time

Placed at the end of Pier 66, Long Time is a sculptural working water wheel by Paul Ramirez-Jonas that captures the beauty of the majestic Hudson River.

Two Too Large Tables

Found in Hudson River Park’s esplanade in Chelsea, Two Too Large Tables, created by the Allan Wexler Studio.