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Hudson River Park Friends’ Sports and Athletics Community

Hudson River Park Friends’ sports and athletics community is one of several communities cultivated by the Hudson River Park Friends’ Development Committee, a group of influential and energetic community members whose work is critical to the success of HRPK Friends’ fundraising strategy.

This group’s mission is to engage and cultivate the sports community to raise funds for Hudson River Park. Our Park features more ways to get active on land and water than any other park in New York City. The Park offers everything from kayaking, soccer, tennis, basketball, and biking to volleyball and more!

Learn more about and get involved with our sports and athletics community below.

Help this green and blue oasis thrive by running the 2024 TCS New York City Marathon on Sunday, November 3 for Team HRPK!

Support Team HRPK in the 2024 United Airlines NYC Half on Sunday, March 17, 2024.

Any athlete who wants to show their support for Hudson River Park can join our Team HRPK Strava Club to track their runs, walks, bike rides, kayak trips and more!

All athletes who “fundrace” for Hudson River Park Friends and raise funds through their own networks for the completion, care and enhancement of our Park are members of Team HRPK! Meet some of our athletes.

Do you want to become a Team HRPK athlete? Complete our Team HRPK Interest Form, and we’ll let you know of upcoming races.

Are you signed up for a race or athletic event already? Make it count for your favorite blue and green oasis.