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Get to know Team HRPK!

We’re thrilled to have Courtney run for Team HRPK in the 2023 TCS New York City Marathon. Read on to learn more about Courtney and why she’s chosen to fundrace in support of Hudson River Park!

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Why I’m racing for Team HRPK:
I love the Park and I’ve loved meeting the people who support it. Hudson River Park is my go-to space in this city and I am so grateful to Hudson River Park Friends for making it the beautiful safe haven that it is!

My favorite part of the Park to run through:
I LOVE running right by Pier 45. I’ve made such amazing memories there (while running or while hanging out with friends). It’s the quintessential spot along the Park route and it just brings me the best of vibes.

How long I’ve been running:
Running long distance is fairly new to me, but running has always been a sport that I’ve turned to, and I’ve really learned to love it. I love how accessible it is and that it is as much mental as it is physical!

Hudson River Park is a  special place for NYC athletes because…
Hudson River Park fosters such an amazing community of people who enjoy being outside / love living in this city. Living in NYC is exciting and at times overwhelming, and to know there is always a group of people (albeit strangers) gravitating towards the same place brings a sense of belonging.

If I could say one thing to Hudson River Park supporters, it would be…
Give running a try!

My quirky running habit is…
While marathon training I would cherish the early morning Saturday runs (which I know sounds a bit crazy). I loved waking up early, making breakfast and watching an episode of Game of Thrones before heading outside. It became a ritual of some sorts!

Three words that describe my running are…
Fun, motivating, determined!