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David Dougherty Jr. runs the NYC Half Marathon for Team HRPKGet to know Team HRPK!

We were thrilled to have David run for Team HRPK in the 2023 United Airlines NYC Half. Read on to learn more about David and why he chose to fundrace in support of Hudson River Park!

Why I’m racing for Team HRPK:
To support the park that has done so much for my family and me! Honored to be part of such an incredible program that does so much for so many!

My favorite part of the Park to run through:
Chelsea, Pier 62 — any time, any season.

How long I’ve been running:
About 16 years, my first race was NYC Half 2007 — running through Times Square!

Hudson River Park is a  special place for NYC athletes because…
Its continuous and never ending gorgeously curated paths flow unobstructed unlike anywhere else in the city. With the changing seasons, and different times of day, HRPK regularly offers a new experience unlike anywhere in the world!

If I could say one thing to Hudson River Park supporters, it would be…
Thank you for sharing our favorite park! It’s where my wife Madeline and I ran together for the first time and fell in love, where our daughter Hudson took her first steps… it’s our commute, our walk on a whim, our oasis.

My quirky running habit is…
Use my hands to “breathe;” motion of pulling my diaphragm down then pushing it up, eventually becoming a trance where the motion fades away.

Three words that describe my running are…
Left foot first.