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Get to know Team HRPK!

We were thrilled to have David Osborne run the 2022 TCS NYC Marathon for Team HRPK. Read on to learn more about David and why he raced in support of Hudson River Park.

Why I’m running for team HRPK:
I’m running for team HRPK because my wife works at Little Island and I think it’s the best park in NYC!

What running means to me:
I’ve been running since I was young. My father ran when I was growing up so I was always trying to keep up with him.

Hudson River Park is a special place for NYC runners because…
It’s special to be able to be in the heart of a city and also to be able to run through nature.

If I could say one thing to Hudson River Park supporters, it would be…
Please support Hudson River Park so future generations can enjoy it.

Individuals and businesses should support Hudson River Park because…
It’s America’s best urban park and it depends on the support of individuals and businesses.

My quirky running habit is…
I flip my hat back and forth each mile.

Three words that describe my running are…
Consistent, relaxed, Zen