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Get to know Team HRPK!

We were thrilled to have Jackie Pardee run the 2022 TCS NYC Marathon for Team HRPK. Read on to learn more about Jackie and why she raced in support of Hudson River Park.

Why I’m running for team HRPK:
I am so excited to run for team HRPK. As someone who could have never imagined living in New York City, running through Hudson River Park has consistently provided me with the perfect place to escape to. I am looking forward to fundraising for Hudson River Park so that it can continue to provide that peaceful escape for myself and so many others.

My favorite part of the Park to run through is:
My favorite part of the Park to run through has got to be Pier 45. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I always smile when I see the first Pride flag comes into view. I will never forget going for a long run during Pride weekend and seeing Pier 45 packed with people. It is a beautiful reminder that I live in such an open and accepting community.

What running means to me:
Running is my escape. I feel confident and in control. Every time I combine this feeling with the views along Hudson River Park, I feel completely reset.

If I could say one thing to Hudson River Park supporters, it would be…
THANK YOU for any donations you have made, and thank you for your continued support. As a result of your support, so many people are able to escape to someplace peaceful and make wonderful memories.