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Get to know Team HRPK!

We are thrilled to have Lindsey Evans running the 2022 TCS NYC Marathon for Team HRPK. Read on to learn more about Lindsey and why she raced in support of Hudson River Park.

Why I’m running for team HRPK:
Hudson River Park holds such a special place in my heart. It is the place I feel most at peace and in community in NYC. Not only do I run here ~four times a week, I am there almost every single day, whether it be playing sand volleyball, watching the sunset, reading a good book with a picnic, playing double solitaire with my fiancé or watching the salsa dancers on Pier 45.

What running means to me:
I have been running since I was 14 years old. Throughout all of life’s hardships, it is the only thing that helps to keep me sane. Running for me a a meditation (which came in handy during the COVID-19 pandemic). Running lets me connect both to nature, and to myself. It grounds me and makes me realize that I can do hard things!

Hudson River Park is a special place for NYC runners because…
The sense of community and the people watching. Seeing the same people every morning on my 8:00 AM runs makes this big city feel a little smaller. No matter what you are looking for in NYC, you can find it somewhere in the HRPK. There is always something captivating going on!

Individuals and businesses should support Hudson River Park because…
All of the ecological, environmental and sustainability efforts the Park is driving that are making a huge difference in the natural habitat of New York City!

My quirky running habit is…
Playing the air drums!

Three words that describe my running are…
Peaceful, mind clearing and joyful