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Making Six More Weeks of Winter Fun in HRPK

Even though Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, predicting six more weeks of winter, today we reach a more encouraging milestone: we’ve officially crossed the halfway mark between winter and spring. As much as we’re looking ahead to warmer days along our riverfront and bright blooms in our gardens, there’s still plenty to explore and enjoy during these remaining colder days.

From discovering serene landscapes to finding fun ways to stay active to embarking on winter adventures, here are our tips to make the most of the second half of winter in HRPK!

Find your peaceful escape

This may be the Park’s quietest season, but this time of year brings its own striking beauty to our riverfront. If you’ve ever admired the silhouette of bare branches against a Hudson River Park sunset, enjoyed a bundled-up stroll through snow-swept Clinton Cove or witnessed the stunning geometry of ice floes in the Hudson River, you know what we’re talking about.

We shared our favorite winter gems here — including the lovely, evergreen-lined Tribeca Boardwalk, city lights viewed from pier edges on cold, clear winter nights and pieces of public art that look especially striking in this season’s starker landscape. Since we last rounded up these HRPK winter destinations, the Park has grown — and so has our recommendation list.

Since opening in September 2020, HRPK’s Pier 26 has become a year-round destination for stunning views of New York Harbor and Lower Manhattan, and in winter we especially encourage you to find a moment of wonder on this ecological pier. 

Observing the Tide Deck from Pier 26’s elevated walkway offers a glimpse into a unique ecosystem and the tidal patterns of our estuary, and the thoughtfully-placed seating (including all-ages swings!) along the pier offer perfect vantages to pause your winter stroll and soak in the beauty of the setting. Now is also your chance to experience Little Island’s first winter — and its landscape looks lovely in a coating of snow!

Snapped a great photo on your Park visit? We just kicked off our winter Photo-Synthesis contest, and all you need to do is tag @HudsonRiverPark and #HRPK on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to enter.

Keep Warm by Keeping Active

Getting into the Olympic spirit? Channel that athletic energy on our waterfront! Home to so many ways to get active and play, Hudson River Park abounds with dedicated athletes who make our piers, courts and fields their arena no matter the weather. Why not join in on the fun?

Slushing through the snow covered esplanade

The Park may be known for on-the-water recreation, but we’re no stranger to winter sports. When fresh snow coats our riverfront, cross-country skiers often drop by to forge tracks along our four miles. For ice hockey players and figure skating lovers, the Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers – where Olympic medalists such as Sasha Cohen and Brian Boitano have hit the rink – is a prime destination.

winter pier 46

Basketball, tennis, soccer and skateboarding may be summer sports for Olympians, but for Park fans they’re year-round recreation. With popular basketball courts, tennis courts, turf fields and skate parks from Chelsea to Tribeca, your Park serves up layups, backhands, goals and ollies all winter long (weather permitting, so be sure to check our alerts page for any closures, especially if we’ve just experienced a snowstorm). 

Staying active outdoors this time of year can be a great health and mood booster. Check out some of our tips to safely enjoy exercising in the Park in winter.

Plan a Winter Adventure

Whether you’re looking for snow day fun along our piers or something a little cozier, HRPK has ways to fill your winter weekends and evenings with discovery and relaxation.

With a coat of snow, the Park is as pretty as a postcard, and our team works hard to make sure paths are cleared quickly so that after the storm settles, your west side backyard is ready for snow day fun. (We especially love to see your creative snow people.)

snowman happy

You can also climb aboard a (warm) boat on the Hudson River and explore history or our local waterways. Experience a National Historic Landmark with a visit to the Intrepid Sea Air & Space Museum at HRPK’s Pier 86 — the legendary aircraft carrier is celebrating its 40th year as a museum and has put together an exciting lineup of events and new exhibitions to check out. Or, check out a Circle Line cruise at Pier 83 or NY Waterway Ferry at Pier 79 to take in the city from the Hudson River.

No matter how you enjoy your winter explorations in the Park, a visit to City Winery or City Vineyard is the perfect way to cap off the day with delicious food and drinks and scenic views.

As you boldly embrace the best of winter in the Park, don’t feel bad for reveling in signs of spring. From the River’s annual plankton bloom to the first flowers to peek out in our gardens (usually witch hazel and winter jasmine), we’ll very soon see promises of the season to come. Stay tuned here and on our social media (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook) so you don’t miss a thing!