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Highlights from a Beautiful Fall in the Park

Every autumn Hudson River Park’s trees put on a colorful show. From Tribeca to Clinton, our four miles fill with fiery reds, rich oranges and glowing golds, warm hues that look especially striking against the Park’s big skies, the Hudson River and skyline views. Though we’re past peak foliage now, we’re celebrating the best of this beautiful season by sharing some of our favorite fall views from across the Park.

In Tribeca, HRPK’s new Pier 26 welcomed its first visitors in colorful style this fall. Along the woodland forest ecological zone along the Pier’s northern entrance, staghorn sumac put on an especially vibrant display. At Pier 25 as well as along the esplanade and the Tribeca Boardwalk, honey locust filled our Parklands with bright yellow foliage.

Every shade of the Park’s autumn palette can be found along our Greenwich Village piers and uplands. From the groves that provide shade on Piers 45 and 46 to the lush trees that line the lawns and esplanade, Greenwich Village has displayed an attractive autumn spectrum this season.


Chelsea grew golden this fall, especially along Pier 64, pictured in the first two photos. No matter the season, this section of the Park, with its peaceful lawns and paths, is the perfect destination for an afternoon stroll, jog or some relaxation.

For those who like their autumn foliage bright, check out this peek of Pier 84 at its peak. From the pier’s eastern entrance to its popular dog run to the stretch of trees at the far western edge, Pier 84’s cheerful yellow foliage was a fall delight.

The northernmost section of HRPK, Clinton Cove features a peaceful tree-lined lawn, an ideal escape for an autumn stroll or picnic. In the close-up photo here, you can see the scarlet foliage of smoke trees, unique to this area of the Park.

Did you have a chance to enjoy this beautiful autumn in the Park? The most colorful weeks may be behind us, but it’s still a lovely time of year to enjoy a stroll along the Hudson River. When you do, please remember to wear a mask and maintain social distancing to help keep the Park safe and open for all to enjoy.