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The Hudson River Park Friends Playground Committee raises funds in support of everything Hudson River Park has to offer, especially as it relates to children, and opportunities to learn, play and grow. That includes support for the Park’s playgrounds, sports fields, environmental education opportunities, family programs.

Your membership gift to the Park’s Playground Committee ensures that our children and families have fun, safe and meaningful experiences in Hudson River Park throughout the year and for generations to come.

Show your support for the Hudson River Park Friends Playground Committee

With your $2,500 annual membership, benefits include:

  • A member-only ticket to the Annual Playground Committee Luncheon
  • Special invitations to in-Park community events and activations

If you are interested in making a leadership gift or require any assistance with your donation, please contact us at 212-757-0981 x728, or

Playground Committee Leadership

Current Co-Presidents
Rebekah Klipper
Sarah Lambert

President’s Club (Immediate Past Leadership)
Catherine Juracich – President (2014-17)
Lauren S. Netter – President (2017-19)
Bethany D’Meza – Vice President (2017-19)

Playground Committee Members

Darian Ablon
Wendy Amsterdam
Sarah Barnett
Lindsay Blank
Taryn Blank
Stephanie Bruckner
Natasha Caronna
Teresa Casal
Kristin Cederholm
Sonal Chopra
Jessica Contrastano-Rahn
Elizabeth Cox
Katie Currie
Katy Daly
Bethany D’Meza
Carly Suber Doran
Jenny Miller Dutton
Cara Feldman
Courtney Flint
Kerianne Flynn
Jyoti Folch-Berman
Alexandra Frankel
Shelly Clippard Gagnon
Jocelyn Gailliot
Mignonne Gavigan
Natalia Giannou
Rachel Apfel Glass
Tracy Goodwin
Alyson Gradone
Leigh Harlan
Emily Heitner
Alexis Herron
Catherine Juracich
Saira Kathpalia
Angelique Kauffman
Gail Kegolis
Courtney Klipper
Rebekah Klipper
Laura Krey
Vinnie Kumar
Deepa Kumaraiah
Sarah Lambert
Hayan Lee
Meryl Levin
Liz Libre
Jill Linker
Arti Mattu
Kate Durling McCormack
Lindsay McKnight
Elizabeth McNellis
Ana Meier
Sara Jane Mercer
Eileen Michael
Anni Muir
Melissa Muken
Lauren Nanna
Krista Nickols
Lauren Silverstein Netter
Romy Newman
Krista Nickols
Jessica Ogilvie
Marlaine Olinick
Taylor Olson
Cristina Orchulli
Amy Pack
Hannah Peck
Kim Pillemer
Shiloh Place
Shannon Portell
Britt Power
Grace Ramsdell
Meg Ryan
Parisa Sahay
Lauren Salem
Katherine Salyi
Haley Schwartz
Sejal Shah
Megan Walsh Shaoul
Amy Shen
Mei-Li da Silva Vint
Kasia Silverton
Jillian Simpson
Mignonne Smith
Caroline Bliss Spencer
Megan Stackhouse
Janna Stern
Zara Tisch
Christine Walsdorf
Elle Wang
Melissa Wasserman
Sara Whitney

Honorary Members
Nell Diamond
Lydia Fenet
Jenna Bush Hager
Chau Prutting
Jenny Mollen
Emilia Bechrakis Serhant