Planning & Construction


Budget and Schedule

While the Trust must raise operating budget funding independently, it has historically received most of its construction funding from New York State and New York City. These matching annual allocations have ranged from a combined $42 million annually in peak years to a combined $6 million annually in harder times. Additionally, in the Tribeca area, we received significant funding from the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development through the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation. 

Construction of Hudson River Park occurs as funding becomes available. Every year, the State and City budget processes identify the amount that will be available for new construction. The Trust generally does not know from year to year how much we will have to work with. We meet this challenge by advancing design on multiple projects in different budget ranges so that we can maintain forward momentum once a given year’s construction budget is established.

Construction in Greenwich Village, the first section completed, began in 1999 on the upland and in 2000 on the piers. Greenwich Village was followed by Clinton Cove in 2005 and then Piers 66 and 84 in 2006. During this period, the Trust also completed the upland area from W. 26th St. to W. 29th Street plus the Courtyard Ballfields in Pier 40 and the Chelsea Waterside Playground. In 2010, we opened four more piers and major new upland sections in Chelsea and Tribeca.

Pier 25 Playground

Since 1999, Hudson River Park has channeled over $350 million in public funding into rebuilding the piers, bulkheads, and land areas that comprise the Park, such that at the close of 2011, the Park was 70 percent complete. 

Pier 84 Fountain

To see the full vision for the Park realized, several capital construction projects remain. In an era of limited government resources, the Trust is working closely with Hudson River Park Friends on a number of these initiatives to supplement available public funding and complete the Park faster. Here are a few examples of projects currently on our plate.